Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic D.I. is an active preamp DI (Direct Input) pedal for acoustic and electric guitars that can be used as effectively in live stages as in a studio. It is an analog discrete circuit, with output options of direct to a mixer or to an amplifier.

It has a powerful 3-band active equalizer - High, Mid, and Low, that has ± 15 dB, centred on 3.5 kHz, 800 Hz, and 180 Hz, respectively. It is works effectively in reducing feedback. The GAIN control adds light saturation, power and presence. It has high headroom as well. It has an effects loop and a balanced XLR output with phantom power. Power it up from a mixer!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts the overall volume
  • LOW: ± 15 dB centred on 180 Hz
  • MID: ± 15 dB centred at 800 Hz
  • HIGH: ± 15 dB centred on 3.5 kHz
  • GAIN: Adjust the output level and control saturation. It will also distort lightly
  • INVERT: Reverses the phase
  • Foot switch: Bypass EQ


  • DC 9V IN: Connect the standard centre minus DC 9 V adapter.
  • DC 9V OUT: When driven by the adapter, power is supplied to the outside.
  • IN: It's input. Connect the cable on the instrument side.
  • LOOP: This is an effect loop. From S (SEND) to the input of the effect in the loop, R (RETURN) connects the cable from the output of the effect in the loop. The effect loop is always active
  • UNBAL: Unbalanced output - connect the cable to the guitar amp
  • BAL / 48V: balanced XLR output. Used when connecting to a mixer. LED will light up when phantom power is supplied from the mixer


  • Active Preamp DI

  • 3 band equalizer with a big range

  • True bypass

  • 9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip adaptor

  • Current draw 5mA

  • Input impedance 500K ohms

  • Output impedance (unbalanced) 10K ohms

  • Output impedance (balanced) 100 ohms

  • Effects loop impedance (SEND) 10K ohms

  • Effects loop impedance (RETURN) 100K ohms

  • S/N Ratio -100dB

  • Designed in Japan by One Control

  • Artwork by Jonas Claesson


Brand Animals Pedal

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