Major Overdrive

A wall of amps are stacked behind the rock sound that goes down in history. The amp that started that legend is the envy of every guitarist.

The Animal Pedal Major Overdrive is the overdrive that makes the sound of the amplifier that produced that legendary rock tone.

British amps made in the 60s and 70s later became legendary and now everyone wants to get their hands on one.
The sound of the amp that later came to be called Plexi is within your grasp now as the Animals Pedal Major Overdrive.

Maybe Plexi brings sound distortion to mind. It’s true that with distortion you can quickly create a rock sound. However, a real Plexi amp isn’t quite distorted enough to be really called distortion. It wasn’t until after the end of the Plexi era that it was possible to produce the strong distortion of the British stack.

The Major Overdrive is an overdrive that can make a variety of distortion from a slight dirty clean tone, crunch, all the way to a little beyond the gain when all settings are maxed out. That is to say, it doesn’t just put out the 70s Plexi amp tone, by daring to lower the voltage even further to produce the earliest “brown sound” that is said to have distortion going beyond what you get from maxing out the settings.

The hard rock sound of the early 70s is known for its strong distortion, but actually the gain isn’t that high. Fast phrases done with the bass strings gain increased momentum as they are emphasized.
Real Plexi amps have the ability to make real distortion even with low gain when the band is playing together. Using the Major Overdrive, you can easily recreate that magic with the gain nob set near the center.


SKU 155
Brand Animals Pedal

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