The Z-Tone Active Direct Box from IK Multimedia is full of useful features that refine the sound of your axe. Like most DIs, the Z-Tone has enough headroom to keep the natural feel of your instrument and is equipped with a handy gain control knob. It sets itself apart from other direct boxes with its sound-shaping options. This direct box has two preamp channels to choose from, Pure and JFET, for a transparent or warm preamp character. Meanwhile, variable impedance control and a 20dB pad further refine your sound. Powered by a 9-volt battery or phantom power, the Z-Tone can be used anywhere from outdoor stages to the studio. Regardless of what genre you play, the Z-Tone active Direct Box from IK Multimedia has the tone-shaping capabilities to help you find and refine the perfect tone.


Extra switching options let you choose the perfect tone

Like most direct boxes, the Z-Tone comes with an adjustable input gain control that makes it easy to dial in the level of your axe. When you're adjusting the level, choose your preferred preamp circuit. The Z-Tone borrows its preamp circuits from the award-winning AXE I/O and features Pure and JFET channels. The Pure channel is a transparent preamp that won't color your sound. JFET takes advantage of a Class A JFET amplifier for warmth and midrange focus.

Patent-pending variable impedance control

The Z-Tone Direct Box has a patent-pending variable impedance control knob. Designed by IK Multimedia, this knob lets you dial in your impedance from 1 MOhm to 2.2k Ohms for unique shaping capabilities. Turn the knob counterclockwise and the sound will become tighter and more precise as the impedance increases. As you turn the knob clockwise, the sound becomes thick, saturated, and bold.

Useful output options

The Z-Tone has two useful output options. There's a balanced XLR output with a ground lift switch to cut out noise from ground loops. There's also a 1/4" unbalanced output for extra flexibility. You can use the 1/4" Link output on the front panel to connect to pedals and amps. Audio gurus have found that this allows you to record DI tracks at the same time you record your physical amp tone in the studio. For live sound applications, this lets you blend direct and amp sounds.

IK Multimedia Z-Tone Active Direct Box Features:

  • Compact direct box with flexible sound-shaping options
  • Variable impedance control unlocks more sonic textures
  • Pure preamp channel provides transparent, uncolored tone
  • JFET preamp channel delivers warmth and a slight midrange boost
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs give you flexibility to record your way
  • Link output lets you record DI tracks alongside your real amp's tone
  • 20dB pad lets you use other instruments like keyboards and synths
  • Ground lift switch eliminates annoying hum and ground loops



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