Panorama’s deep integration for Logic Pro X is available now and is a free update for existing owners of Panorama P1, P4 and P6.

This controller now offers deep integration with Logic Pro X. Upgraded in 2015, this controller now offers the most comprehensive Logic control on the market, with integration over the entire DAW including mixer, insert plugins, instruments and project navigation.

Instrument mode enables the entire Panorama control surface to be focused on controlling instrument plugins. Logic’s built-in instruments are all pre-mapped for immediate control including ES1 & ES2 synths, Vintage Electric Piano, Vintage B3 Organ, EXS24 sampler. Yes all of them, up to and including Alchemy, recently added in Logic Pro 10.2. Plugin control also includes AU plugins, which can be mapped across 37 real-time controls and with an additional 24 encoder pages each mapping 12 parameters. That means up to 325 instrument parameters are within reach, at any time.

With additional control over Logic’s play head, scrub, quantise and an option to use the pads (P4 and P6 only) for marker 1-8 select, set and delete, it’s possible to capture ideas faster than ever before and build a complete track, without touching the mouse.

A spectacular, deep Reason implementation and vast programming options, 
puts the spotlight on performance and creativity. Keyboard and pads are dynamic, 
sensitive and balanced carefully with a solid feel that allows for complete expression.

All this, combined with 93 real-time controls available at any one time, 
makes Panorama the definitive keyboard controller for Reason.

Panorama's keyboard action uses weights to offset the otherwise increasing tension you would experience from the spring. This means the down movement
is as clean as possible and not heavy or fatiguing to play. We keep the down weight required within the heavy end of common standards for acoustic pianos. In addition, the dynamic range is much wider than what you experience on most controller keyboards allowing better control of both low and high velocity values. 5 velocity curves gives you choice just in case your playing style requires a different feel. Monophonic aftertouch, pitch bend and modulation wheels, plus foot switch and expression pedal jacks sets you up for performance.

Logic Pro X Features

  • Dedicated communication protocol for Logic Pro X
  • Customised control surface for each of Logic’s integrated Instruments
  • Transparent integration - No wrapper or VST plugin host to load on every track
  • Activate Logic’s Arpeggiator with a dedicated button for every instrument
  • Set automation Mode for selected track
  • Set and toggle auto-punch in/out
  • Scrub/shuttle controls
  • Control Smart controls
  • Browse channel settings
  • Customisable mapping for any Logic shortcut
  • Rewire support – switch Panorama’s focus between Logic and a rewired slave application
  • Customised control surface for each of Logic’s integrated Instruments
  • Customisable control for any 3rd Party AU


  • 61 note weighted (semi-) velocity-sensitive keyboard w/aftertouch
  • 5 velocity curves plus fixed
  • Pitch bend & Modulation assignable wheels
  • Octave shift buttons
  • PB1/2 buttons
  • 4 keyboard zones programmable with controller filters and program changes
  • 5 keyboard maps store all settings
  • 12 pads with velocity and pressure sensitivity
  • 7 velocity curves
  • Note-learn, 
  • Scale mode with 30+ scales and interval setting
  • Velocity spread functions spreads the selected pad assignment over all 12 pads, at different velocity levels
  • Transpose and Octave shift in both pad-map and scale mode
  • Pads freely assignable in Reason mode
  • Load or Save to any of 20 pad maps
  • 16 encoders
  • 9 45mm faders
  • 10 assignable LED buttons
  • 11 dedicated transport buttons
  • 20 preset locations store all settings including links to keyboard, pad and F-keys maps



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