ObsidianWire Custom Blender for Strat® 

 Solder-less Install
 Solder-less Pickup Changes
 Play Neck + Bridge Pickups Together
 Master Tone + Master Volume Control (All Three Pickups)
 Improved Clarity & Control  

Super Easy, Solder-less Install

All ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.


The Magical Strat®, Neck & Bridge Pickup Blend


Blend your neck and bridge pickups together and get some killer tonal diversity in your Fender® Stratocaster®.


With a master volume and master tone control the Custom Blender Harness packs your traditional Strat® tones into a smaller space, leaving the third tone control free.

This becomes the blender control, adding the ability to blend the neck and bridge pickups in together. This is amazing for adding a range of musical mids to your lead tone (like the bell like effects David Gilmour gets in his signature Strat) or for adding some twang to your rhythm, just like you find in the middle position on a Tele®. When you need a complete wall of sound, you can even mix all three pickups together by flicking the five way switch to position 2 or 4.


Blender Control Function 


 Switch Positions Blender Control ON (Position 1)

1: Bridge Pickup + Neck Blended in
2: Bridge & Middle Pickup + Neck Blended in
3: Middle Pickup
4: Neck & Middle Pickup + Bridge Blended in
5: Neck Pickup + Bridge Blended in


When it is time to ease back to your traditional switch positions, simply roll the blender knob off, and it will remove itself completely from the circuit. 


 Switch Positions Blender Control OFF (Position 10): 

1: Bridge Pickup
2: Bridge & Middle Pickup
3: Middle Pickup
4: Neck & Middle Pickup
5: Neck Pickup


Control Layout 


Switch: 5 - Way
Control 1: Master Volume
Control 2: Master Tone (All three pickups)
Control 3: Blender Control (Blends in Neck or Bridge Pickup)



 The Build: 


We have a small team of people that love crafting Pro-Wired Electronics and we take pride in producing the absolutes best. We use custom specified parts, perfected techniques, and hand test to ensure that your harness will be an upgrade for your guitar, from factory model to custom shop.


Crystal Clear Tone


To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we also include an ObsidianWire Custom Spec Treble Bleed Mod. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control.


World’s Best Craftsmanship and Components


ObsidianWire Custom Select Pots (Crafted by CTS) (+/-8%) US Spec Split Shaft / 24 Spline

Genuine Oak Grigsby Switch

Genuine Switchcraft Output Jack

ObsidianWire Custom Select 150 Series Polyester Film Capacitor 0.022uf (+/-5%)

ObsidianWire Premium Selected Volume Mod / Treble Bleed - Improved Volume Taper & Clarity

Easy to Follow Install Manual

Endless Customer Support



Installation Info




American and Mexican series Fender® Strat® - Direct Fit // Right Hand Only

Japanese Fender & Squiers® - You will need to widen the control holes out to 10mm and get new US Spec, 24 spline knobs to fit the higher grade electronics. // Right Hand Only

Other Models - We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar.

Left Hand Guitars - Does NOT Fit



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