The Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal lets you control expression functions on two separate effects simultaneously - a claim no other pedal can make. What's more, the Dual Expression sports a polarity reverse switch so you can shift the parameters of two different effects in opposite directions. For instance, ramping phaser speed while decreasing echo delay time produces an audio equivalent of Hitchcock's famous Vertigo visual effect. Whether you're a guitarist or keyboardist, tweaking multiple parameters on the fly lets you craft outrageous, studio-quality soundscapes onstage. Think like a producer while you're playing, with the Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal.

Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal at a Glance:

  • Complexity is the key
  • Connect to everything
  • Roadworthy construction

Complexity is the key

You've heard the expression, "keep it simple"? Forget that. When it comes to effects, the more complex textures you can weave (up to, of course, the point of diminishing returns), the better. The Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal lets you do just that, allowing you to change parameters of two effects simultaneously. A polarity reverse switch on the second output gives you even more options for sonic mayhem.

Connect to everything

The Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal is built road-tough. Industry-standard TRS wiring and 20K impedance let you connect the Dual Expression to effects devices from nearly every manufacturer.

Roadworthy construction

The Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal's custom made, sealed potentiometer is precision-engineered to precisely match the throw of the foot pedal, giving you a full range of expression from your stompboxes. With high-quality Neutrik jacks and an automotive-grade, textured finish, the Dual Expression is both good-looking and bulletproof.

Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal Features:

  • Dual Function Expression Pedal
  • Precision machined dual pot exactly matches throw of the pedal
  • Polarity Reversal Switch for complex, on-stage modulation
  • Dual-isolated TRS jacks
  • Passive Circuit with Industry-standard TRS wiring
  • Made in the USA by Mission Engineering for Pigtronix


Brand Pigtronix

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