When it comes to tone, the Pigtronix FAT Drive leaves typical overdrive pedals in the dust! That's because the FAT Drive isn't like ordinary overdrive pedals. It uses a series of cascading gain stages to create a smooth, natural-sounding overdrive that covers tones ranging from dynamic breakup to rich, dripping saturation. And the best part is that the FAT Drive won't alter your playing dynamics or lose the vital character of your axe. If you love the sound of your guitar, and you're looking for amazing overdrive tone, then order your Pigtronix FAT Drive from Sweetwater today!

igtronix FAT Drive Overdrive Pedal at a Glance:

  • Totally unique analog signal path
  • Tone-shaping lowpass filter
  • Change voicings with the flip of a switch

Totally unique analog signal path

Typical overdrive pedals (even high-end models) use a single gain stage to achieve their effect. But that's just not how real tube amplifiers work, which is why Pigtronix built their FAT Drive with a series of cascading gain stages. The result is a totally dynamic overdrive that responds to your playing style - just like a real amp! If you're used to conventional overdrive effects, prepare to be blown away when you plug into a Pigtronix FAT Drive.

Tone-shaping lowpass filter

With the tone control set all the way clockwise, the FAT Drive gives you that totally open, full-range tone of a guitar plugged right into a cranked tube amplifier. Start dialing in the tone, and Pigtronix's lowpass filter starts rolling off the highs. That lets you use the FAT Drive to carve your midrange and and open up a whole new world of bottom-end punch.

Change voicings with the flip of a switch

Here's something you can't do with an every-day overdrive pedal - flip a switch a totally re-voice it. In fact, it's because Pigtronix built the FAT Drive with multiple cascading gain stages that this is even possible. The way it works is by changing the overall gain structure. In "Lo" mode, the FAT Drive gives you a more wide dynamic range, breaking up a bit more the harder you hit it. In "Hi" mode, you get the pure madness of a high-gain amp cranked to 11. Talk about versatile! That's just one more reason your pedalboard isn't complete without a FAT Drive on it.

Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • 100% analog overdrive pedal which gives you an insanely wide range of tube style tone
  • Multiple cascading gain stages create a true tube-amp-style clipping effect
  • Hi/Lo gain switch lets you select between two distinct gain structures, completely re-voicing the overdrive effect
  • Passive lowpass tone control lets you roll off highs to free up bandwidth for heavy-hitting lows
  • True-bypass switching preserves your tone when disengaged
  • 18VDC 300mA supply included for maximum headroom, but the pedal will work with standard 9VDC power supplies
  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • Proudly made in the USA


Brand Pigtronix

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