Victim Of States Power (1984)
CD1-1 Victim Of States Power 3:37
CD1-2 Walpurgis Night (The Sign Of Women's Fight) (1991 Rerecording) 5:19
CD1-3 Satan 4:08
  Wild Animal (1989)
CD2-1 Wild Animal 4:12
CD2-2 Chains And Leather 5:43
CD2-3 Tear Down The Walls 4:16
CD2-4 Störtebeker 4:05
  Bad To The Bone (1989)
CD3-1 Bad To The Bone 4:45
CD3-2 Battle Of Waterloo 7:47
CD3-3 March On 3:57
  Little Big Horn (1991)
CD4-1 Little Big Horn 4:58
CD4-2 Billy The Kid 4:46
CD4-3 Genocide 4:46
  Lead Or Gold (1992)
CD5-1 Lead Or Gold 5:07
CD5-2 Hanged, Drawn And Quartered 4:39
CD5-3 Win Or Be Drowned 4:18
  The Privateer (1994)
CD6-1 The Privateer 4:20
CD6-2 Dancing On A Minefield 4:58
CD6-3 Poisoned Blood 3:44
  First Years Of Piracy
CD7-1 Under Jolly Roger 4:05
CD7-2 Branded And Exiled 3:49
CD7-3 Soldiers Of Hell 3:21
CD7-4 Raise Your Fist 4:51
CD7-5 Walpurgis Night 5:19
CD7-6 Fight The Oppression 4:53
CD7-7 Marching To Die 4:36
CD7-8 Raw Ride 4:14
CD7-9 Diamonds Of The Black Chest 2:49
CD7-10 Prisoner Of Our Time 4:36
  Ready For Boarding - Expanded Edition
  Live In Munich, Nov 1987
A1 Hymn Of Long John Silver 2:36
A2 Under Jolly Roger 4:16
A3 Ghengis Khan 4:14
A4 Raise Your Fist 5:15
A5 Purgatory 5:35
B1 Mordor 4:24
B2 Diabolic Force 4:38
B3 Raw Ride 4:38
B4 Adrian S.O.S. 2:35
B5 Prisoner Of Our Time 5:42
  Live In Düsseldorf, Oct 1989
C1 Intro 2:19
C2 Riding The Storm 5:20
C3 Bad To The Bone 4:46
C4 Raw Ride 5:02
C5 Raging Fire 4:13
D1 Tortuga Bay 3:53
D2 Uaschtschun 4:48
D3 Bass Solo 1:52
D4 Conquistadores 4:04
D5 Prisoner Of Our Time 6:17



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